Our Facilities

Grooming Room

This room is seperate from the rest of the daycare and is designed to provide a cage free relaxing, secure environment where we can provide a range of services such and full clipper and scissor grooms, tidy ups of feet, face, ears, and back end, nail trims and anal glands. Your pet will feel like royalty after spending a pamper session here. This room also is where we hold our puppy preschool classes or one on one training as required.


Our reception area is a very serene relaxing environment which brings the outside in and follows right through to out the back into the dog runs. The water feature and the sound of the trickling water makes you feel tranquil and relaxed. We stock a small range of Rogz enrichment toys, collars and leads as well as a range of treats for you to purchase for your dogs at your convenience. We also supply human grade dog food provided by Suburban Pup.

Dog runs

Our dog runs were built to accommodate any size, temperment or breed of dog, they can be divided up to sizes depending on the activities and the program of the day. We have a large range of enrichment toys and agility obstacles to ensure there is never a dull moment. Dogs can also partake in water play if they choose too or just chill out relax and have a cuddles with our dog loving animal attendants.


This area is covered in artifical turf and is where we practice our recall training, or an area where dogs can just have a fun time participating in catching bubbles, destroying plastic bottles or cardboard boxes. One thing is for certain that when they have finished their time in here they will be well and truly ready for their midday nap or quiet time.

Medical Suites

These suites were specifically designed to provide care by emergency and critical care trained Veterinary nurses for dogs who have had medical treatment and are too well to remain in hospital but not well enough to stay home unsupervised. being in the industry for a combined period of over 50 years we understand how stressful this can be and the financial impact this can have on owners having to take time off work. Our trained nurses will provide 5 star medical nursing care closely under the direction of owners or the treating Veterinarian.