Hudson and Harvey

Hudson and Harvey absolutely love going to Doggie Daycare with you, which is evident with their reactions on the mention of your names, or the word daycare and their excitement as we pull into the street on daycare mornings.

We have such great peace of mind, knowing that the boys are not only having a great time, and burning energy, but also receiving such great care…..not to mention the elimination of worry about the destruction we are going to find in the backyard if they are left at home alone all day.

Your vet nurse experience is fantastic, and you have been so great with advice and procedures while at daycare, and it is so comforting to know that if the need arose, we would be able to send the boys to you for medical care while we are at work. You have gone above and beyond to create a great facility for all the dogs, but also working with all the individual owners to help them and their dogs achieve positive outcomes for all.

Woof n Wags is a huge asset to the community, and we are so proud to be part of the family.

Craig, Karlee, Hudson and Harvey

Our dog Nugget, when bored, destroys the furniture, gets into the rubbish bin, digs holes in the backyard, and is generally a dog that you don’t want staying at home for very long periods. He also has a strong pack mentality so whenever we leave the house, he either barks all day long or somehow escapes our yard. So, asa result, we decided to find a place where Nugget could go where we knew he would be safe and also not destroy our house. We found Woof and Wags. It has been an absolutely saviour.

We have been taking Nugget to Woof and Wags for nearly a year now. He absolutely loves going there. He gets so excited each morning when we bring him to Woof and Wags. It is his home away from home. He is stimulated by the ever-changing environment provided by the ladies at Woof and Wags who show all the dogs the love and attention they need. He comes home happy (and exhausted) from a day full of doggy fun. He is no longer a bored dog stuck at home destroying everything in sight!

I would highly recommend Woof and Wags.


Taking little Shiro to Woof n Wags has been the best decision we’ve ever made for him. We have zero regrets and couldn’t be more pleased that he’s in such professional care with the love of two passionate vet nurses. We’ve seen him grow so much in the last few months from this super shy and timid pup, to a incredibly playful and confident pup. Especially for a chihuahua, I’ve never been more surprised to see a chihuahua that is so social towards strangers and new dogs.

He’s now so playful at the dog park, he’s little personality has started to shine at home with an amazing amount of cheek and we couldn’t be happier to see him smile constantly. He now recognises the front door of Woof n Wags doggy daycare and starts going nuts with excitement the days we take him there. We love the fact that he’s making new friends of all different sizes, getting a feel for his place in the world and he always comes home with zoomies because he’s so happy with the day he’s had.

Dave and I can’t thank you both enough and as much as we love having him at home, we can only see the world of good it’s done for him at Woof N Wags daycare.