Our Prices

Daycare Services

Full Day – $60

Half Day (4 hours) – $45

Package Deal – Buy 10 and save. Purchase a ten pack for $500. This gives you your next ten visits for $50 each.

Medical Dogs – start at $65 a day depending on their requirements and we recommend calling to speak to one of our trained team members to discuss a daily price for your pet to be cared for by us.
Medical Care can consist of bladder care, daily medications administration, observation, monitoring of vital signs or any nursing care prescribed by a Veterinarian or requested by an owner. It is extremely important to us as trained nursing professionals to provide gold standard care to any of the dogs in our care and we will go above and beyond to work together with owners and their Veterinarians to achieve this.

Add Ons

Tick Clip

Prepare your dog for tick season and make it easier for you to find ticks. An all over clip of your dog with a size 10 blade. Head and tail left (optional).

  • Small – $55
  • Medium – $75
  • Large – $95
  • XLarge and Triple coasted dogs such as huskies, malamutes – POA

Nail Clip

Nail trims can be time consuming and difficult especially if your dog has sensitive feet not to mention painful if you trim them too short. Let us take that hassle away and trim those nails while they are spending the day with us in daycare.


Ear and Eye Clean

We can trim and clean in and around your dogs eyes in ears to help prevent eye and ear irritations and ailments.


One on One half an hour sessions

Have one of our team members sit one on one in a separate area and teach basic obedience, play, socialise, pat, cuddle and pamper you pet for half an hour, make them feel special and give them all the attention.


Anal Gland Expression


Hydrobath Towel Dry:

  • Small – $15
  • Medium – $20
  • Large – $30
  • XL – $40


  • Small – $20
  • Medium – $25
  • Large – $35
  • XL – $45

Conditioning Training

These are for those dogs that are fearful of certain stimuli and require our trained staff to work one on one with them to try and work with them and get them to a stage where they are no longer fearful or anxious about that stimuli. Depending on the stimuli and the level of anxiety your dog has will depend on how successful we are and how many sessions this takes.

Prices start at $25 for 15 minute sessions

Birthday Celebrations

We will celebrate all our dogs birthdays and make then special, this is our way of saying thank you for trusting us to spend their special day with us.
We promise to make them feel special and take all the photos to prove it at no extra cost to our clients.